Vendor Management

Stellar vendor relations that free up your time

Look, we know they’re just trying to help you. But dealing with vendors, or trying to coordinate multiple vendors, takes up a major chunk of your time – time which could be spent more productively by focusing on your business.

With our Vendor Management service, Internos acts as your point of contact between you and your vendors, freeing you from routine tasks, and keeping an eye out for what you need. You are brought in for the important questions and decisions, at which point Internos connects you with the vendor.

Even better, we’ve already established relationships with many of the leading IT suppliers and providers in South Florida. Which leaves you ripe to take advantage of these relationships to get quality IT services at the best prices.

We’ll even make sure you stay one step ahead of your competition by keeping you in the loop when it comes to soon-to-be-launched products and services too.

Internos takes care of all your software, hardware and service vendor relationships, including:

  • Internet service providers
  • Scanner, copier and other office equipment providers
  • Website design and hosting company
  • Phone and telecommunications provider
  • Proprietary software application vendors

When your vendors are expertly managed by Internos, you’ll enjoy a better return on your IT investment, less downtime and more productivity because we ensure your vendor relationships are smooth, supportive and out of mind.

Vendor relationships don’t have to be a drag. Trust their management to the experts at Internos, and leave
your worries at the door.

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