Cloud Computing Solutions

Streamlining the Way
You Do Business

Cloud Computing Solutions

Streamlining the Way You Do Business

Free Up Space
with Cloud Computing

By limiting your servers, network, phones and other applications to physical hardware, you hurt your growth potential and business scalability. Physical solutions often come with added costs – including maintenance, electric bill, storage and operating space, and management. Don’t limit your efficiencies with familiarity, find out if cloud computing solutions are right for your business.

cloud computing solutions and support

Internos provides cloud services in Miami to streamline your business productivity and cut costs. From your servers to your software applications, our cloud solutions make working from anywhere a breeze. By updating, installing and managing your technology through the cloud, we’ll minimize work interruptions and free up your time to focus on growing your business. And as your company expands, your cloud computing solutions grow with you by adding multiple users under a single license.

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Leverage the Power of the Cloud

Stay competitive in an always-on world with the flexibility and in-demand functionality of the cloud. To maintain scalable, cost-effective solutions without compromising your security and backup standards, rely on cloud computing solutions from Internos. Whether you’re just starting to move to the cloud or looking for a partner to help you optimize your cloud experience, our experts are here to help you work from anywhere, reduce costs, promote collaboration and reduce downtime.

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They Like Us – You Will Too

The difference with Internos is that they solve all problems related to technology, not just the immediate area they are responsible for. Not only have they helped us with the process of selection and purchase for a large number of computer desktops and laptops we needed, but they have even gone as far as handling having our rooms wired with DVDs and cameras, reviewing contracts for our copiers and scanners, and managing other vendors for us. They really do go above and beyond for… our cause, and we see that.

Erika Lozano

What’s most comforting about working with Sandro and the Internos team is that 24x7, whenever we need service, we get it – no issue with technology will go unsolved. Do not underestimate the power of technology in your business – use it to the fullest and make sure you have a great partner to guide you with it. It will save you money in the long run.

Jose R. Oliva

The guys at Internos came in, did a complete analysis of how we were positioned technology-wise, and identified several areas that needed updating and action. We got a higher level of IT expertise, and the responsiveness has been excellent.

Bill Whitaker

In the past, with other companies we have used, their response time to issues was sometimes days, not hours. With Internos we always get a live person when we call, and if they cannot address the issue instantly, someone calls back within minutes to [solve] the problem. Many times, the fix is done remotely, and we are up and running again in just minutes. They monitor our server and many times have told us before we even call them that our server is down or there is a problem with it.

Ann Castonguay

Because of the size and nature of our business, information technology is not just a desire but a need. The team at Internos provides us with all of our needs and more. Efficiency and accuracy in a timely manner is the element that keeps them on our speed dial button. Not knowing what is needed and current in an ever-changing market of technological progress leaves consumers vulnerable, but we NEVER worry about that. Trusting an IT company is a luxury, and we are grateful we can do so.

Magda Lopez