Our goal is to make tech sexy. Well, maybe not exactly sexy, but at least appealing and approachable.

We understand that for some of you, tech topics make your eyes glaze over.
That's OK. Just because we're passionate about it and understand it, doesn't mean you have to.

In fact, that's why you should hire us. We can design a support system so seamlessly integrated into your business, you'll never even have to think about it.

Sandro Alvarez

Sandro Alvarez

C.E.O. / Partner

"I love to implement technology and make things simple, taking issues and resolving them with a business-like mind and attitude, so my clients can focus on their own businesses."

Sandro is scary smart when it comes to tech, with over 18 years of IT experience and a multitude of hardware and software certifications.

First job? Avionics for a local Cargo Airline. Due to his love for planes, he decided to attend flight school and was accepted to Embry-Riddle Flight School. Technology was another area of interest and came so easy that he ultimately moved to the IT department at the local Cargo airline, eventually becoming the IT manager after integrating all 35 offices worldwide and increasing productivity through the use of technology. Shortly thereafter, he joined a local IT firm providing services to law firms and other businesses - ultimately being hired as the IT director at one of Miami’s oldest law firms. In 2001, Sandro started New Global Solutions and continued there until 2013 when Internos was born.

As a father, Sandro is proud "to be able to show my kids that if you work hard and apply yourself you can have anything in life."

Graduate of George T. Baker Aviation School (Airframe & Power Plant) 1992, with a Masters in Electronics (Avionics) 1994. Enjoys spending time with family and friends. Likes to think outside the box.

Ronny Delgado

Ronny Delgado

C.O.O. / Partner

"We are a small business company just like our clients. We’ve gained experience over the last 12+ years in the do’s and don’ts of running your own business and are proud to pass that experience on to our clients."

Ronny is not your typical IT guy. He understands tech, but talks business with over 18 years of IT experience.

First job? Arby’s fast food restaurant in the drive thru. “I have been in the customer service business all my life.” Previous experience includes RCI, IVAX, and a local IT consulting company before opening ReadyIT in 2001. Proudest accomplishments include his family, then starting a company and still being in business 12 years later.

A Barry University graduate with a BS in IT. Sports nut – Go Fins, Heat, Marlins & Panthers!

Jairo Avila

Jairo Avila

C.S.O. / Partner

"Small business has the speed and enthusiasm that creates great organizations. That’s the kind of place people enjoy working. And that’s what we like to support and strive to be."

Jairo has strong and proven opinions on the type of technology that will work for your business. If it has power, talk to Jairo – he gets it.

First job? Worked for a support company contracted by Royal Caribbean. “That’s how I learned about customer service.” Previous experience includes corporate America (I felt the pain), and government (I felt the lack of speed). Small business turned out to be the answer. Co-founded ReadyIT.

A Barry University graduate with a BS in IT. Avid golfer. Also a sports nut – Go Heat!

Richard Blanco, Jr.

Richard Blanco, Jr.

C.T.O. / Partner

"I love the fact that the solutions we implement and support every day help people run and maintain their businesses."

Richard has over 15 years of experience in multiple network support and managing state-of-the-art technology. He also holds multiple certifications, including the Small Business Specialist certification for NGS.

First job? IT help desk support for Polaroid Latin America. Previous experience includes complete IT management for the Latin American division of an independent power producer headquartered in Boston, MA. He launched his own IT consulting firm, planIT systems, in 2002. Proudest accomplishment includes working in corporate America and then having taken the successful plunge of becoming an entrepreneur and business owner…and survived.

FIU Graduate. Tech and gadget obsessed. Likes to hang out in the Keys.